About Hope Center Uganda:

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The HOPE Center orphanage cares for approximately 25 children on average. The children will either be rehabilitated and reunited with competent family members, or will stay at HOPE Center until adopted or aged out of the system. We have built a great rapport with local police who bring the worst orphan cases to HOPE; any child who has been abandoned, injured, or is sick is brought to HOPE Center Uganda and we gladly take them in.

About Uganda:

Uganda is a country in Africa similar in size to the state of Oregon in the United States. Straddling the equator, this land locked country has a diverse terrain with plains, forests, lakes, swamps, and mountains. Much of the south is forested and most of the north is grassland. The country’s high altitude moderates the tropical climate. Uganda is generally rainy with two dry seasons from December-February and June-August. The population is largely rural; its density is highest in the south.

Uganda is made up of a hodgepodge of African natives where no one ethnic group dominates. Forty-two percent of Ugandans are Protestant, almost another forty-two percent are Catholic, and about twelve percent are Muslim. English is the official language and other languages, such as Luganda, are used for small-scale commerce. Sub-Saharan Africa, where Uganda lies, bears the heaviest burden of the AIDS epidemic. Data gathered in 2014 by the CIA World FactBook shows that in this region approximately twenty two million children and adults are living with HIV/AIDS;  an estimated 1,486,600 of these are Ugandan.

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