Pure and undefiled religion ... is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress...
~James 1:27 
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Helping Orphans and Prodigals to Eternity
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Why the district of Mityana?

HCU is currently the only licensed program in the District helping children 0-5. 
Mityana is 90% rural and 74% of the population is subsistence farmers. 
54% of the population are children, and a high percentage of them are malnourished.There are over 55,000 children orphaned due to AIDS in this district. 
This statistic does not include children orphaned and abandoned by other means. 
Over 51% of the population does not have access to any medical care. 
Life expectancy in Mityana District is 42 years, (the life expectancy in Uganda on average is 53 years) and the mortality rates are highest among the children.

He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widows and loves the stranger giving him food and clothing Deuteronomy
The HOPE Center currently operates an orphanage for 25 abandoned children in Mityana. 
We also participate village ministry that consists of deworming, education in regards to jiggars and helping with medical needs.