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Hope Center Uganda Orphanage and School believes children don’t just need a hand out, but a hand up. We want to do this by providing the highest standard of care and Christian education. Donations are needed to not only help with general operating costs, but new projects that will grow the school and orphanage and provide more substantial opportunities to our children as they grow into adulthood.



The Hope Center Uganda

2830 S. 44th Street

Lincoln, NE 68506

Critical Needs

Building Expansion

While Hope Center recently moved into a new building that we no longer have to rent, we are growing. There is a house available next to our property for $8,500 that would give us the space we need to grow into. Once this space is acquired, we will focus on more space for staff and visitor living quarters and classrooms for early childhood.


HCU currently does not have reliable internet access. Service can be down for days or weeks at a time impeding critical communications for the Center as well as educational tools for the students. Our monthly expense for internet and airtime is $150 per month.

Baby Formula

Formula is very expensive in Uganda, and makes up a large part of our monthly expenses. Formula currently costs up $650 a month. Babies come to Hope Center, in most cases, sick and malnourished. The formula we provide for them is imperative to their ability to thrive.